a note to my loyal fans...........both of you!

Good afternoon all! Do you remember me? You know; the normal Kansas guy going on and on about whatever random things come to mind for the day.

I've been unavailable for two weeks due to serious certification studies and a very short, much needed 5-day excursion into the beautiful and vertigo causing hills 0f southern Missouri. Being an intense Jayhawk fan, this was a trip into the lair of the enemy. I will not hide my loyalties when it comes to KU. My debit card, which was used frequently at multiple outlet malls and shops, proudly displays a very large Jayhawk on it. The thought that some rabid Mizzou fan could slice up my card did briefly cross my mind. Thankfully, my card made it home intact.

This was my first time in Missouri; specifically Branson, MO. The area is very beautiful. My wife and I are big fans of having lots of trees. We definitely went to the right place! I've lived in Kansas my entire life, so while someone from the Rockies may not be impressed by the Ozarks, I was in awe! It was very overwhelming at first and made it difficult for me to drive. Up and down, side to side. Vertigo, vertigo, vertigo. Watch out for that cliff! Don't worry, after 5 days in country, the feeling passed and I was able to enjoy and hope to do it again sometime!

I'll try to add more about the trip later. My wife took some pictures and I might even post a few of them. They were taken from a moving van, so who knows how they turned out!

Thank you all for being patient with me while I was away. A lot has happened in the world of politics recently and like always, I have something to say about it. I'll work hard to put my thoughts together and get them out soon. Until then.....ciao.......or later gator!

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kristen said...

am i one of your fans?? ; )