Election 2008

This is a battle cry to all those conservatives and independents that believe in this country and the principles this nation was founded on: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Never in my lifetime has there been a more important and defining moment facing the United States of America. These truths set forth by our Declaration of Independence and upheld by our Constitution are under severe attack by those who see our country as the biggest problem in the world and not as President Reagan did: America is a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere. These people wish to make drastic changes to our republic that will have lasting effects for decades to come. Whether or not they wish to weaken us purposely, that is what will happen to America if they are allowed to have unfettered power in Washington. Our Liberty will be infringed upon by high taxation, our Lives will be endangered by their push to weaken us militarily, and Pursuing Happiness will be the last thing on Americans minds as we work just to survive. In the minds of some, these are radical words, but make no mistake, these are radical people that could hold all federal power by the end of tomorrow evening.

Now is the time for these people to be stopped! Tomorrow is Election Day 2008. As citizens of the United States of America we have been given an unbelievable privilege and opportunity to cast votes that help determine the path that this country will take. VOTING IS NOT A RIGHT. You will not find it spelled out in any of the 27 amendments to the Constitution. Millions of people in this world do not have this sort of privilege and we must not take it for granted. If you haven't already, take serious time to think through the candidates and which direction they wish to lead us. Don't be a person that wastes your vote because it's a "historic moment" or because you like how they look or speak; think this through.

My position: I love this country. It was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and I believe as President Reagan did: we, as Americans, have the capacity now, as we have had in the past, to do whatever needs to be done to preserve this last and greatest bastion of freedom. This nation is a true blessing from God and we must fight for it. The "last and greatest bastion of freedom." There is nowhere else to go if we allow this nation to be destroyed by Socialist/Marxist policy. We must stand up and say NO to this kind of "change."

I will be helping to support the election tomorrow in my county and I had the opportunity to vote in advance, but understand that this is worth waiting in line for. Your country and the lives of our children and grand-children are at stake. Conservatives: this is a fight that we can win! Don't pay any attention to reports from the media. Go Vote! Find as many people as you can and explain the issues to them. Then have them Go Vote! Remember the quote from Edmond Burke: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" While I don't believe these people to be evil, I believe this statement truly applies to the situation we face.

While I do not support all of the positions that he has held, I have already cast my vote for Sen. John McCain as my next President of the United States. Sen. McCain loves this nation and has already given so much to defend it. I believe he will work hard to protect this nation from all enemies "foreign and domestic." He is a man of faith that will work hard for the American people and a man we can be truly proud to call Mr. President.

McCain/Palin 2008


kristen said...

good luck tomorrow!! i know it's gonna be a LONG day for you! & no, you can not call me, or anybody, at 4am! we will be sleeping!!

kristen said...

btw, thanks for the reminder that we in the U.S. are free to each make a choice for ourselves & vote who we feel will best lead our country.