blatant bias

Although I shouldn't be surprised by it, the absolute bias towards the liberal agenda in the mainstream media continues to grow and become more astonishing. I had the opportunity to see this while clips from ABC's "The View" were shown on "Fox & Friends" this morning. It was all I could do to keep from yelling at the television! The idiocy of some of these women is appalling.

Clips were shown of the times when Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barak Obama made their respective appearances on this ridiculous program.

From the get go, John McCain is hammered by Joy Behar and Barbara Walters about his selection of Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate. Question after question is fired at him without giving the man a chance to answer any of them. The look on Walters' face is almost one of disgust when speaking of Gov. Palin. It's pretty obvious that Sen. McCain was invited on just to be attacked. Barbara Walters used to be a trailblazer when it came to reporting. What happened to her?

Sen. Barak Obama: all-knowing, understanding, brilliant, articulate. This is the way the women of "The View" treated him. They completely fawned over him. Tough questions? Yeah right! At one point, Walters talks with Sen. Obama about being related to Brad Pitt and refers to him as sexy. Gee, thats some great reporting there Barbara!

Please understand, I do not think of anyone from "The View" as legitimate reporters. Walters was at one time, but has now decided to push her views on the public rather then reporting news and letting us make up our own minds. This is just one example in a very large list of offenses perpetrated on the American people. The media only wants to give us one side of any story, so the outcome can be pushed in their favor.

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Living Each Day as a Gift said...

I do think my hubby and I and you and Lauren pretty much have the same views when it comes to politics. It's so nice to see other young parents with upstanding morals and conservative views. And I will second you with a big UGH towards the liberal media.