early morning commute

I have nothing too interesting to write about today. Due to this perplexing situation and because it has been days since my last update, I'll post about having my very own driver bring me to work!

Before you become envious of me (thinking I've won the lottery), take heart, it was just a shuttle service from Davis-Moore. The NAV system in my wife's van in not reading DVDs properly, so I woke up bright and early to drop it off before 7:30. The big problem now: How do I get to work? I was informed by the kind gentleman from the service center that they will take me to work. Terrific, my own driver! Lets get a move on.....and be quick about it!! Yeah right! Anyone that knows me, knows that I love to drive, would rather BE the driver, and I would never treat one in that way. Either way, it doesn't matter: I was one of 5 other people who were crammed into a small van and driven to work/home.
Long story shortened; I was the last person dropped off, so I enjoyed a nice 40 minute ride around the city as the others departed for places unknown to me, all the while listening to the kind, older driver talk about the different people he's driven around. It was a nice trip that delayed my arrival to another busy day at work. As he pulled the van away, I took the moment to capture a picture of van (I already knew it would make it to my blog).

Will I ever see this shuttle or driver again? Only time will tell. There is a pretty good chance though; I still need a ride back when my van ready!

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Kathie said...

Can't imagine you being too patient on your "ride" around Wichita.

(Remember, it was you, barely 15, with a drivers license, driving all over the place)

:o) Oh the memories....