so long good friend.....

Today, our family has to say goodbye to a fond friend; one that has been there for us through many ups and downs.........in temperature that is! Our new furnace & A/C are being installed as I post.

From what I've been told, everything started out a little dicey. The workers were there much earlier than expected and rang the doorbell multiple times; waking up the kiddos, who have yet to calm down. I've also been warned that the house is very dusty and has a lovely fragrance. I have a feeling that my old furnace is trying to foul things up so we just scratch the whole idea.
No matter how many bumps along the way, this has to be done. The old furnace might not make it through another Kansas winter and is starting to look like a fire hazard. The A/C still has time left, but it's not very efficient.
This is the first step in a list of updates for the house. Next up will be a new bathroom. After that will come, new wiring, plumbing, and possibly windows. A long list of goodbyes await us.
So farewell good and noble furnace/AC. Our time with you was short (4 years), but you served us well!

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